Does oil quality matter


You've probably heard it several times before: oil changes are important. You know to bring your car in for routine service roughly every 6,000 miles, but do you know why that's important? Many drivers may not, and it's possible that you could accidentally use a less-than-optimal oil for your car. Keep reading to learn more about oil quality and why it matters for your car.

  • Modern Oil
  • One thing you'll want to look for to ensure you're getting the highest-quality oil is the API service symbol, which is shaped like a donut, or the API certification mark, which is shaped like a starburst. The highest-rated oil by API is SM oil, and it's engineered to improve rust-resistance and help your engine run cleaner. Lower quality oils are still sometimes on the market, so you'll want to look out for these qualifications.

  • Oil Types
  • Oil comes in two main variations: conventional and synthetic. Conventional oil is the more inexpensive variant that is perfectly fine to use on many engines, but several engines, particularly in luxury or performance vehicles, require synthetic oil. Synthetic oil has undergone extra refinement and is more tailored to fine-tuned engineering. You can also choose other oils or blended oils for other unique needs, including those of a high-mileage vehicle or turbocharged engine.

  • What's Right for You?
  • The best oil for your car is always going to be what your owner's manual suggests. That handy little booklet that comes with your vehicle was written for a reason, and it's a great way to learn about the specifics of your vehicle. Additionally, for extra peace of mind, you can rest assured with the knowledge that our technicians know precisely what oil your vehicle needs, down to the specified weight.

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