Hear What Our Customers Have to Say

    "2010 A4"

    "Possibly one of the most pleasant car buying experiences I have had. Harry and Champ were engaging and friendly, without being subservient."

    John Hugill,Campobello

    "2009 Q5"

    "Excellent customer service. Car loaner readily available. I have been going to this place for at least 4 years now.
    As always, I appreciate the service I receive from Steve White. Brent Illsley has done a great job. In the past 4 years that I have had my cars serviced there, he has consistently displayed excellent customer service skills."

    David Guiaro,Greer

    "2009 Q7"

    "I had a fantastic experience in working with Harry New, Champ Covington and the team.  I felt that everyone was responsive, honest, and valued me as a customer.   I wouldn't hesitate to do business with Steve White Motors in the future."

    Ben Laurenzi,Charlotte, NC

    "2010 Q5"

    "The Q5 is Awesome!  Champ Covington is a great sales person has we enjoyed working with him.  I'd buy everyone in my family (from here to Georgia) an Audi for Christmas if I could!!"

    Stephen Kreger,Easley

    "2010 Q5"

    "I was referred to Steve White Audi by a friend.  I was going to purchased my Audi (at my local dealer).  What a nightmare.  I have never delat with such unprofessional and dishonest people in my life.

    Steve White Audi came to my rescue.  They were in constant contact, always available and had the special car I requested within days.  I have no words to describe my car buying experience with them.  They are the epitome of courtesy, professionalism, concern and honesty.  I will never use another dealer again.  The whole staff was helpful with anything I needed.  They are to be congratulated as a team and my salesman Bob Whiteman with a gold star.  They should set the standard for how other dealerships should operate.

    Jill Corrigan"

    Jill Corrgian,Irmo

    "2009 TT Coupe"

    "I was very pleased with the Customer Service at my appt."

    Judi Carney,Greer

    "2009 A4"

    "The experience was outstanding - quick and easy to do business with your dealership, and I'm glad to report that the open and professional high-end service from your sales staff, especially Champ, matches the reputation of the Audi brand."

    Phillip Cook,Clinton

    "2009 A4 Cabriolet"

    "So pleased with our experience at Steve White Audi, and the Sales dept, will highly recommend to others."

    David Godbout,Simpsonville

    "2010 Q5"

    "Mr. New, Jon Pedersen and Champ made the buying experience enjoyable and was handled very professionally.  I was impressed by the product knowledge of everyone.  I have purchased over 50 vehicles and this experience was equal to or better than the best of the others.  Thank you."

    Cyrus Mcrorie,Greenwood

    "2007 A6"

    "Visited shop two days before I wanted appointment.  Arranged the appointment and listed the items for service.  Used the night drop to leave the car on the night before the appointment. The service work was done by noon, sooner than I expected. This approach seemed to work well for you and for me."

    Richard Smith,Simpsonville

    "2007 A4 Cabriolet"

    "Brent always gives me top notch service!"

    Ronald Johnson,Greenville

    "2009 A4"

    "Sales manager, finance support and tech support (John) were all very good. We appreciated the time and support given by the entire staff.
    The cash for clunkers paperwork was time consuming and a bit chaotic.....but we realize this is not an issue with the dealership but more a governmental red tape issue.
    Thanks again for the great support."

    John Kuta,Greenville

    "2009 A4"

    "Very happy with service dept."

    Richard Pak,Pendleton

    "2009 Q5"

    "I arrived without an apt so expected to be worked in.  I was taken right away so there was no waiting.  Bill Hussey found the problem and corrected it quickly."

    Carol Monnot,Easley

    "2007 A3"

    "I was provided w/ a loaner car for the 2hrs. that they serviced my car which was prompt."

    Rebecca Lanford,Greenville

    "2006 A4"

    "Wonderful experience!  Champ and Harry are great!"

    Mark and Amanda Hopper,Taylors

    "2009 Q5"

    "It was the best purchase experience I have had to date.  Special mention to Bob Whiteman who did an excellent job at making the experience pleasurable."

    David Guirao,Greer

    "2008 A4 Avant"

    "Brent and staff are great!!"

    Ashley Richardson,Greenville

    "2009 Q5 3.2"

    "Champ was really great to work with; but, everyone was very nice."

    Peggy Branham,Mauldin

    "2009 Q5 & 2009 TTS"
    Hi William,
    Thank you for all you have done.  Your efforts and communications convinced us that we should seriously consider the Q5.  Of course, driving the auto was the final say.  It drove beautifully through the mountains, the Ipod worked fine, and John was finally able to connect the bluetooth.  We definitely would recommend your dealership, and have already done so. All was perfect, except for Chris.  We will forgive him for being a Yankees fan.  Let him know that the tickets are now going for $70, and that, according to the news, was for regular seating. See ya, and thanks again.

    Tom & Eileen Ash,GA

    "1997 A4"

    "The best Dealership experience I have ever had.  Customer service was the best.  Repair time was fast.  Steve White knows how to run a business."

    Matthew McDaniel,Aiken

    "2009 A4"


    The Steve White team did a great job showing the features of my Audi 2.0T Quattro.  I was especially happy with the "gravel show" in the lot across the street by Jon Pedersen.  I was happy with the transition from internet sales (William) to Audi showroom (Jon) to negotiation (Harry).  The clincher for me was the special Audi financing.  The process was painless and the car is great and they even promised me an Audi hat!
    Thanks.  Jon"

    Jon Schaeffer,Simpsonville

    "2007 A4 Cabriolet"

    "Brent always does a very good job for me"

    Ronald Johnson,Greenville

    "2005 A4 Cabriolet"

    "Mr. White, I am writing to commend your Audi staff: Jon, Harry and Champ. After months of looking for the "right" vehicle, including a couple of visits to your dealership, I finally decided on a 2005 cabriolet. This was not an easy decision for me as I've driven Toyota Celicas for 20 years. I was very attached to my last car, not to overlook the fact that it was paid off. Then, consider that, at 40 years of age, I've never had to purchase a vehicle from a stranger (my extended family has a Toyota dealership out of state).

    I give you this back ground information to help you understand that purchasing my Audi was an emotional action.  I was so pleasantly surprised by your sales team's ability to treat me with kindness and patience, despite my anxiety and multitude of questions. The day we purchased the car, my husband and our 8 year old daughter were with me. The guys didn't mind Hailey Jan commandeering the table with her books and toys. We never felt rushed or pressured. Despite the fact that I wasn't considering a new or higher end vehicle, I still felt like the most important person in the dealership.

    Each of the men has their own positive assets. Jon is knowledgeable, thorough and the consummate gentleman. He stood next to the car in the rain to explain the car's "left side functions" while I sat in the driver's seat. He answered every question I asked. He has a trustworthy air about him and he put me at ease about the whole buying process.

    Harry is professional, but also kind and fun! He willingly explained the breakdown of the cost on the vehicle and saved us a trip to Columbia to look at another car (a good salesman without making me feel "sold"). He listened to my fears/concerns and helped me to think through the process without appearing frustrated and without rushing me.

    Finally, Champ, though not primarily involved in the sale, was great to have around! He was willing to listen to me "prattle on" (a result of my nervousness and excitement). He entertained Hailey Jan and helped us to pass the down time while waiting for the financial contract to be drawn up. Needless to say, my buying experience at Steve White Audi was a positive one. I feel very resolutely that personal interactions are strongly affected by the attitudes of those with whom you are dealing. Jon, Harry and Champ exceeded my expectations; not an easy feat! And, I have shared my feelings about your dealership with everyone who has asked me about my new car. Thank you for assembling an effective and client aware team. I will continue to share my positive experience and wish you a prosperous 2009. Sincerely, Jil Cooke"

    Jil Cooke,Simpsonville

    "2008 S5"

    "Champ Covington was very helpful.  He did a good job staying in touch and following up with me."

    Parks Alexander,Greenville

    "2009 TT Coupe"

    "Willian Bryant and Wes Larabe were both excellent to
    work with.  William found the car I wanted in 20 minutes
    and Wes handled all other aspects of our deal with
    professionalism and courtesy. We drove 3 1/2 hours
    from Knoxville TN to purchase from you instead of
    dealing with the Audi dealer 2 miles from our home.  I
    will remember this experience again when I am ready for
    a new Audi, this TT is awesome!  Thanks to everyone."

    Stephanie Bowlin,Knoxville, TN

    "2009 A4"

    "Excellent experience.  This is my third Audi from Steve White and I continue to recommend both the cars and the dealer."

    Todd Lantz,Greenville

    "2007 A6"

    "A perfect service experience.

    Rod Harley,Spartanburg

    "2007 A6"

    "Marc:  Thanks for the personal attention in taking care of the fuel sensor on my 2007 A-6.  Your diligence and attention to my concerns coupled with the no nonsense, get it done attitude is just I needed to resolve this issue.

    This is the kind of service I am accustomed to by your service group and dealership.  Thanks for getting my issue resolved!!!

    Bill Caldwell,Easley, SC

    "2009 Q7"

    "Jon Pedersen and Rowena are very professional.

    Thank you for your service!"

    Peter Kotiadis,Greenwood, SC

    "2005 A4 Avant"

    "I have been extremely satisfied with Steve White Audi's service department.  The interaction was fast, and the work performed was quality.  They're super efficient and courteous.  Thank you.

    Cheryl Wood, Gramling

    "2008 Q7"

    "Great people and service!!"

    Travis Spencer,Greenville, SC

    "2004 A4"

    "Nice waiting area.  Thanks for the excellent experience."

    Julian Sylvestro, Midlothian, VA

    "1995 A6"

    "I greatly appreciate your willingness to take care of my daughter's Audi while she ia at college and away from home.  It is obvious that your service manager and technicians were willing to be very honest and professional.  Keep up the great work.  I am sure we will be back."

    Jimmy Link,Cincinnati, OH

    "2005 Audi A4"

    "We dealt with Will at your dealership.  He was a

    FANTASTIC person to deal with.  At no time did we ever feel pressured, and we were given first class customer service before, during, and after the sale.  Will called me just yesterday to make sure the car was doing well and the we were satisfied.  My sister will be in the market for a car shortly, and I will be bringing her to Steve White and introducing her to Will.  THANKS, Russ &

    Erica Moore."

    Russell Moore,Mauldin, SC

    "2004 A6"

    "Pro-active about the problem encountered, and solved it!

    Very customer oriented, and the real bottom line in every

    business today is customer satisfaction.  Thank You!"

    Victor Galef, Cashiers

    "2001 TT"

    "Service was great and staff excellent."

    Robert Wilson,Elberton, GA

    "2005 S4"

    "Prompt, friendly, efficient service; a loaner and my car returned

    to me on time, properly repaired and cleaned inside and out = me,

    satisfied and telling my friends that I am."

    Douglas Williams,Greenville, SC

    "2005 A4"

    "I am pleased to see that a new crew of people are providing the service that Steve White Audi has been known for in the community.  Everyone has been very polite and responded to our concerns in a timely manner.  Please give applause and encouragement to the new staff.  We look forward to working with Audi in the future."

    Sally Mayhew,Greer

    "2001 A6"

    "As you probably know, I had some concerns before this visit. I met both Brent and Bill for the first time. I was VERY impressed with Bill Hussey, both in terms of knowledge and communication.

    He and Brent both took the time to listen to and discuss my concerns. I'm very pleased and will definitely continue making the 2-hour trip to have my Audi serviced at Steve White Audi."

    Susan Rego,Canton, NC

    "2007 A4"

    "My experience with Steve White Audi was outstanding and Brent Illsley was most helpful.  Thank you very much."

    Nancy Ullman, Simpsonville

    "2009 TT-S Coupe"

    "Mr. White,
    You couldn't have a better group working for Audi.
    Everyone, from William Bryant, Brent and Bill in Service,
    Chris in Finance, Champ, John, Bob, and, especially
    Harry were the reason Tom and I bought 2 Audis. What
    great customer service! We look forward to a continued
    great relationship and friendship.  You can certainly be
    very proud to have all of them on your team.
    Eileen & Tom Ash"

    Eileen Ash,Clayton, GA

    "2001 A4"

    "I am impressed with the professionalism and customer-service orientation I've experienced with Brent."

    John Tuleibitz,Simpsonville

    "2003 A4"

    "outstanding service!"

    Glenn Setzer,Salisbury, NC

    "2008 A4"

    "Excellent job and service"

    Terrance Peters,Mauldin

    "2006 A4"

    "great service; courteous, professional"

    Ronald Walkup,Rutherfordton, NC

    "2008 A6"

    "Brent Illsley is a pleasure to work with.  I appreciated his courteousness and concern."

    JL Corporation,Greenville

    "2001 A4"

    "Brent is a great service writer and goes the extra mile to understand the work. He took my loosely articulated issues (is "... there is a grinding noise .. somewhere") and got all the work done I needed!"

    Steve Lanzl,Greenville

    "2005 Audi"

    "Called with a problem and they got me right in. Jeff, the service tech, was very helpful and explained everything to me. Great job."

    James Gregga,Travelers Rest

    "2008 A6"

    "Excellent shop foreman."

    Paul Blood,Greenville

    "2007 Q7"

    "Everyone was very courteous and helpful.  It was a very good experience."

    Boyd Cook,Campobello

    "2001 Audi"

    "Specified work carried out promptly, professionally, very helpful and courteous service."

    Nisar Malik,Simpsonville

    "2005 A6"

    "Steve White had always been fair to me and I would recommend them to others.  Our wait time was short and we were comfortable.  The problem was taken care of quickly.  We have driven Audi vehicles since 1984.  We feel safe and comfortable and would not dream of driving any other automobile."

    Richard Bledsoe ,Salem

    "2003 A4"

    "I have been consistently pleased by the service I have received.
    They met the standards I had been accustomed to receiving at my previous dealer with whom I had dealt for a very long time, at least 35 years.
    This is my second Audi. The first was a most reliable car which I kept for almost twenty years and this one has also been reliable. It is a joy to drive!"

    Katherine Velke,Spartanburg

    "2009 A4"

    "Very courteous and informed me of status regularly.
    Happy with the service as usual, I love the cars."

    Richard Pak,Pendleton

    "2005 A4"

    "Steve White always takes care of all my Audi issues."

    Russell Moore ,Mauldin

    "2009 A4"

    "They are very attentive to the needs of my car and the needs of myself. They make me feel comfortable in that they are providing the very best to ensure my car operates properly.
    They have been great every time whether for scheduled maintenance or repairs. Their customer service is top notch."

    Renee Roberson,Greer

    "2009 A4"

    "One, I prefer to have my car serviced by the dealership rather than with an unaffiliated mechanic who would likely be unfamiliar with the specific needs of my Audi nor aware of the recommended maintenance for specific service periods. Two, the experience at Steve White Motorcars was impecable - the type of world class treatment I would expect for my 'investment' in a luxury German sports car."

    Phillip Cook,Clinton

    "2006 A4"

    "First class vehicle and customer service."

    Louise Heizer,Simpsonville


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