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  • Marc White
    Dealer Principal

    Hometown:    Granite Falls, NC

    Favorite Restaurants:    Smoke on the Water

    Hobbies:    Photography, Technology

    Accomplishment most proud of: Working to be a good husband to my wife, father to my children and business operator.

  • Brian Scully
    General Manager

    Hometown: Baton Rouge, LA


    Favorite Restaurants: The Lost Cajun, Tacosushi, Larkins on the River


    Hobbies: Cooking out with friends and family & endurance racing. 


    Accomplishment most proud of:  Chattanooga Ironman

  • Curt Kelley
    Sales Manager

    Hometown: Baton Rouge, LA

    Favorite Restaurants: A work in progress, Greenville here I come!

    Hobbies: Family, friends, food, fun!!

    Biggest Accomplishment: To be a part of raising amazing kids

  • Tyler Digati
    Sales Manager

    Hometown: Corning, N.Y.


    Favorite Restaurant:  Lanandaigua Wine & Culinary Center, Chick-Fil-A, & Grill Marks


    Hobbies: Driving, spending time with my family, & traveling 

    Accomplishment most proud of: Marrying such an amazing woman

  • Donna Phillips
    Finance Manager

    Hometown: Lake City, SC

    Favorite Restaurant: Chophouse

    Hobbies: Golf

    Biggest Accomplishment: Been in the car business for 34 years, I've worked my way up and am happy to be where I am today!

  • Marcus Tate
    Digital Sales Manager

    Hometown:    Greenville, SC

    Favorite Restaurants:    Southern Culture, Tupelo Honey, The Bohemian - love good sushi and Italian, too

    Hobbies:    Running, Technology, Photography, Wine-Tasting, Traveling  

    Accomplishment most proud of: Running a state-wide digital/IT infrastructure for a former President of the United State's campaign 

  • Guy Mobley
    Audi Service and Parts Director

    Hometown:  Westminster, SC

    Favorite Restaurants:  I love all foods, especially spicy foods!

    Hobbies:  Football, wrestling, soccer, golf, and working out

    Biggest Accomplishment:  My 3 beautiful children

  • Tou Yang
    Service Manager

    Favorite Restaurant: Any! I love all foods

    Hobbies: Being a full time father

    Biggest Accomplishment: Being able to have a family and working at Audi Greenville

  • Bryan Mann
    Parts Manager

    Hometown:    Greenville, SC   

    Favorite Restaurants:    Anywhere with some good, crispy hot wings!   

    Hobbies:    Being the best Dad I could ever be!

    Accomplishment most proud of:    Being a Dad to the most amazing little girl in the world, and marrying the most amazing woman in the world. 

  • Roger Labas
    Audi Sport Brand Ambassador, Audi TDI Ambassador and Dealer Project Manager

    Hometown: Kensington, CT

    Favorite Restaurant: DaVinci's, Larkin's, Passerelle, Adam's Bistro, Tommy's Ham House, Capricioza
    Hobbies: Audi Sport, Audi Club, DriveTribe, F1, Tire Rack Street Survival, BMW Club, Movies, Books, Graphics
    Biggest Accomplishment: Led more than a few young men to recognize what a lifetime of hard work and fair treatment of others can accomplish.

  • Rey Roberts
    Sales Consultant

    Hometown:  Yonkers N.Y.  
    Favorite Restaurant: Long Horn, Good Italian food, and well done burgers.
    Hobbies:  Reading, cycling, jogging,and I love to travel.
    Biggest Accomplishment: I am very proud of the fact that I know how to produce Bio Diesel.

  • Jim Kirby
    Audi Brand Specialist

    Hometown: Easley, SC

    Restaurants: Copper River, Capri's, Hudson's Smokehouse (Columbia, SC)

    Hobbies: Playing golf, Watching Sporting events, Spending time with my wife, Sandy,

    Accomplishment: Shot a 79 playing golf both left-handed and right handed

  • Merry Brown
    Audi Brand Specialist

    Hometown: Charlotte, NC

    Favorite Restaurants: Jianna, Husk, & Asada

    Hobbies: Painting & redecorating 

    Biggest Accomplishment: Buying a house. 

  • Gabe Blackwell
    Audi Brand Specialist

    Hometown: Spartanburg, SC
    Favorite Restaurants: Fogo de Chao
    Hobbies: MMA, Brazilian JuiJitsu, and Photography
    Biggest Accomplishment: Making it  to 30

  • Anthony Cesarski
    Audi Brand Specialist

    Hometown:    Brooklyn, NY

    Favorite Restaurants:    Rick Erwins, Chophouse

    Hobbies:    Anything as long as it is with my family

    Accomplishment most proud of: Completing the Series 7 and Series 63 Exams

  • Brandy Bishop
    Audi Brand Specialist

    Hometown: Jacksonville, NC

    Favorite Restaurants: Southern Culture, Dive N Boar & Mekong

    Hobbies: Anything outdoors, Hiking, Kayaking, Spending time with my dogs, Yoga & Painting

    Accomplishment most proud of: Being a mother

  • Ashlea Graves
    Internet Sales Specialist

    Hometown:    Charleston, SC

    Favorite Restaurants:    Southern Culture, Lazy Goat & Dive N Boar

    Hobbies:    Gardening, the beach & taking body combat/kickboxing classes

    Accomplishment most proud of: My 16 year old daughter and 12 year old son!

  • Alicia Henry
    Service Appointment Coordinator

    Hometown: Sarasota, FL

    Favorite Restaurant: Carabba's, The Melting Pot, Cheddar's and Hull's Market (Daytona Beach)
    Hobbies: Horseback riding, water skiing, parasailing, watching movies, travel, or any activity with my kids
    Accomplishment most proud of: I am so proud of my children Tyler (24), Nick (22), and Jasmyne (12). Tyler serves in the US Navy and is a new dad. Nick is assistant manager at a local business and soon to be father. Jasmyne is an A/B student and will soon start playing the viola in the 6th grade, we are so excited. My children are truly my greatest accomplishment, if I ever did anything right it was raising them with so much love. They are going to be GREAT parents.

  • Susan Dauchy
    Audi Receptionist

    Hometown: Sydney, Australia

    Favorite Restaurant: French Laundry in California

    Hobbies: Antique hunting, painting & drawing, swimming, and playing with my Sheltie pups

    Accomplishment I am Most Proud of: My family.

  • April Thornton
    Audi Service Advisor

    Hometown: Mauldin, SC

    Favorite Restaurant: Texas Road House

    Hobbies: Photography and Antiquing

    Accomplishment I am Most Proud of: My children

  • Terry Wyant
    Internal Service Manager

    Hometown: Fountain Inn, SC

    Favorite Restaurants: Outback, Olive Garden, J. Peters, O'Charley's

    Hobbies: Wood working and camping

    Biggest Accomplishment: Going from being a newspaper advertising salesperson to advertising manager when I worked for the newspaper for 17 years. 

  • Gregg Bellofatto
    Audi Service Advisor

    Hometown:    Manchester, NH

    Favorite Restaurants:    Olive Garden and Applebee's

    Hobbies:    Playing sports and other outdoor activities, spending time with my family and friends.

    Accomplishment most proud of: Marrying my high school sweetheart and raising our three children.

  • Jonathan Chapman
    Audi Parts Consultant

    Hometown: Simpsonville, SC

    Favorite Restaurant: Texas Road House and Olive Garden

    Hobbies: Landscaping and restoring vehicles

    Biggest Accomplishment: First one in my family to attend and graduate college

  • Chris Welsh
    Audi Technician

    Hometown: Latham, NY

    Favorite Restaurant: Firebird's
    Hobbies: Gardening
    Biggest Accomplishment: My daughter

  • Scott Brauen
    Audi Technician

    Hometown: Darien, NY
    Favorite Restaurants: Fire Birds
    Hobbies: Customizing car and motorcycles
    Biggest Accomplishment: Raising my daughter

  • Kevin Guest
    Audi Technician

    Hometown: Greenville, SC
    Favorite Restaurants: Chick-fil-A
    Hobbies: Working on classic cars
    Biggest Accomplishment: Finishing my car projects

  • Steve Jarrett
    Audi Technician

    Hometown: Charleston, SC

    Favorite Restaurant: Ale House

    Hobbies: Photography, camping, and cycling

    Biggest Accomplishment: Fulfilling my dream to be a technician

  • Kyle Deese
    Audi Parts Consultant

    Hometown: Dunoon, Scotland

    Favorite Restaurant: Sierra Nevada

    Hobbies: Driving, cooking, and spending time with family

    Accomplishment I am Most Proud of: obtaining a career in the automotive industry

  • Bret Parker
    Audi Technician

    Hometown: Greenville, SC 

    Favorite Restaurant: Outback and Steak house  

    Hobbies: Cars, college football, soccer, and hanging with friends 

    Biggest Accomplishment: Graduating College

  • George Labombard
    Audi Porter

    Hometown: Flint, MI

    Favorite Restaurant: Papa's & Beer and Mancinos

    Hobbies: Fishing

    Biggest Accomplishment: Being married 38years, my 2 children, and 4 grandkids