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Questions to Ask When You’re Ready to Buy in Greenville, SC

Congratulations on beginning the process of buying a vehicle with us. Here at Audi Greenville, we love helping those in the Upstate of South Carolina and beyond find the vehicle of their dreams that fits their lifestyle. If you’re buying with us (especially if you’re a first-time buyer), you might have some burning questions about the process and how to find the correct vehicle that works best for you. Found the vehicle you love? We’re so glad. We invite you to ask the questions below to ensure that it’s a vehicle that will meet your needs and exceed your expectations for years to come. Our staff is excited to help you make the dream of owning an Audi a reality, but first, make sure it checks all of your boxes and you can answer all of the questions below favorably:

Why do I need the car?

This probably is the initial question that might come across your mind when you begin the process to find your new car. You should already know the primary reason you want a new luxury vehicle. This should help you narrow down the body style you want to zero in on. If you’re looking for more excitement behind the wheel, then a sportier vehicle might make more sense. Or, if you’re concerned about cargo space, one of our larger SUV models will be a better fit. Our staff is here to ensure you make the correct decision, so stop by today to test-drive some models.

What are my must-haves?

Identifying what’s most important at the top of your checklist is crucial to finding the Audi of your dreams. Luckily for you, our Audi models have no lack of showstopping features to sway your decision. Convenience features, technological features and beautiful features you’ll love. Are heated seats non-negotiable? How about a panoramic sunroof? Listing out all of these features you would want is essential to remembering your values on your search for your next vehicle. If your list of must-haves is unchangeable, we recommend doing a custom build to get exactly what you want. We’d love to help you custom order your Audi.

How much can I afford?

If you have begun hunting for a new or pre-owned Audi, we know you’ve probably seen our prices. However, it’s important to keep in mind what you can actually afford. Have you fallen hard for a vehicle? Make sure it is aligned with your budget. Making a budget for the vehicle you want and comparing your wishlist to how much comparable vehicles cost could make the process easier. If you want to get our Audi vehicles for a price you’ll love, we invite you to take a peek at our new and used vehicle specials.

May I see a copy of the car's history report?

We make this a standard part of our process before you sign on the dotted line for a pre-owned vehicle from our inventory. Lucky for you, you can see each of our pre-owned models’ CARFAX history reports before you even get to our dealership, giving you maximum confidence that you have a great vehicle.

If you have any additional questions about buying a car or need assistance in finding a vehicle that is right for you, please feel free to contact us directly or stop by Audi Greenville at 200 Duvall Drive, Greenville, SC 29607. We look forward to serving customers from Spartanburg, Anderson and the Upstate.