Why Is Oil Important

The importance of oil in your car in Greenville, SC

It's no secret that engine oil is an important component in your vehicle. But why, exactly, is it important? Engines have a lot of moving parts that require lubrication to help reduce friction, and it helps maintain your car's health overall. Changing the oil regularly is also a vital piece of the puzzle to keep your car running well.

  • Oil helps maintain engine lubrication.

    Without proper lubrication, all those moving parts in your engine can create too much friction. All that friction can wear down the engine over time. Engines are extremely expensive to replace, so be kind to your wallet by maintaining proper oil levels and getting regular oil changes.

  • Friction? It creates heat.

    Like previously mentioned, oil helps reduce friction in all those moving parts. Because it reduces friction, it in turn keeps those engine parts cool. An overheated engine can also have a huge impact on your wallet.

  • Engine oil needs to be clean.

    Sludge and particles are deadly to your car's engine. They can cause corrosion, which shortens the life of the engine. This is why routine oil and filter changes are important – overall, your vehicle will have a longer life if you take care of it.

Your vehicle's oil should be changed every 3,000 to 5,000 miles. If you hear ticking or tapping sounds or the engine oil looks thick, sludge-like and black, your car is probably overdue for an oil change. Schedule your service with us today!

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